What is sport massage?

Great choice - amateur as well as professional athletes can benefit from sport massage. By definition sport massage is meant to be use to improve sport performance but also to help recovering from injuries and support muscle regeneration during off season. This type of treatment engages multiple techniques from deep tissue massage as well as from classic, a lot of work happens along and across muscle fibers. Works focuses on fascia, muscles and inflexible elements like ligaments and tendons. Form of the treatment depends on several factors - athletes´ overall condition and current needs, sport discipline, season, timing - form of therapy will be of course different during the off-season and in between competitions.

What are the Therapy benefits?

- normalizes muscle tonus

- restores physiological range of motion and muscle flexibility

- implements positive changes in muscle tissue metabolism,

- increases blood flow and oxygen transport

- soothes muscular pain due to over-train

- eases general relaxation