Deep tissue massage is a specific type of massage that targets the deep layers of tendons, muscles and fascia of the body. By removing adhesion and therefore allowing the different tissue layers to move independently and glide upon each other DTM leads to release of a chronic myofascial tension.

Treatment improves overall posture, releases spine supporting muscles resulting in lengthening of the spine, and improves the function of the soft tissues.
Deep pressure work engages patients, teaches specific breathing techniques, increases body-consciousness. Releasing tension from inside out in active cooperation with therapist is far more effective and gives longer lasting benefits of reduced muscle tension in the body than forms of therapy in which patient remains passive at all times. Creating local changes in the body leads to changes in systemic tension distribution what results in systemic, postural improvement.

Deep tissue massage uses mainly oblique pressure, a combination of lengthening and cross-fiber strokes, anchor and stretch, freeing muscle from entrapment. We work in different positions, on elongated muscles and tendons, engaging active and/or passive movements along witch stretches.
Demages in muscles, tendons and ligaments result in formation of scare tissue. This tissue naturally differs from others - it has different structure, lower elasticity. Scar tissue forms as apart of healing process and it might result in certain changes in tension distribution in individual muscles as well as in the latter postural disorders. Problems related to this internal type of scarring can be resolved with a help of deep tissue massage. Treatment improves elasticity of affected elements, smooths out the structure, increases range of motion.

allows mind and body to sooth
relieves stress
releases chronic muscular and fascia tension
makes movement easier
increases range of motion in the joints
increases body-consciousness