Paulina Wisinska

Paulina is an eager massage and manual therapist who specialize in soft tissue manipulations and several massage techniques. As a former biologist she has a great understanding of human body - starting from molecular bases and ending on anatomy and biomechanics. She uses multiple methods and blends all the best out of them into treatments plans designed personally for every patient. Paulina's treatment are blends on massage, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises which include traditional and modern approaches - all of them evidence based.

Paulina Graduated from Medical College as a Massage and manual therapist. She is currently also Physical Therapy undergraduate student.

Several internships in hospitals and private rehabilitation clinics as a massage therapist and physiotherapist. Work as a therapist in Polish and Danish massage clinics and spas.

Therapist Qualifications

  Diploma in Massage and Manual Therapy
  Certified Classic Massage Therapist
  Certified User of Tool Assisted Myofascial Release Technique


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