Massage therapy was natural choice of career of Agata. She was always passionate about different forms of physical activity - f.e. horse riding, cross fit, yoga. Although she has tried a different professions in her life, the blend of experiences, personal injuries and passion for human body led her to Deep Tissue Massage school, where she has found out that this is exactly what she wants do - and so she does until now days. Agata offers excellent knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanic movement patterns along with holistic understanding of how body and mind have to work along to achieve best benefits of treatments she provides.
She will be happy to not only to teach and exercise the correct breathing patterns with you, she will also provide you with multiple ideas for self¨-care therapy, daily routines to keep your body in shape and last, but not least - will guide you into this amazing state of deep relaxation during provided treatments.

Agata has completed full Deep Tissue Massage training, developed and approved by Deep Tissue Massage "founding father" Art Riggs.

Massage Therapist who has previously owned her own establishment in Poland, with further experience gained in popular clinics and wellness centers of Copenhagen.

Therapist Qualifications

  Certified Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
  Classic Massage Practitioner

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