Our Vision

To be a company that changes the idea of massage and manual therapy from a form of "alternative" treatments to evidence-based rehabilitation tool. We use  professional, proactive approach and effective treatment method to accomplish our goal


Our Philosophy

To become better everyday.
NUUN Body Works main goal is to provide high quality, evidence based manual and massage therapy services in friendly cozy environment.
Our focus is on gaining new experiences and continuing our education to guarantee the understanding of different cases and practice cutting-edge treatments and best techniques available.

Our Mission

We are passionate professionals, committed to help our clients resume their pursuit of health, well-being and fitness.

High Quality

In every case we take individualized approach to everyone of our clients. Whatever is your trouble - we want to help you solve it, whatever are your goals - we are fully committed to help you achieve them.

Patient Care

In our clinic we´ll provide you with high quality hands-on treatment. We´ll also eager to share an education you can take home with, enabling you to actively participate in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

Our team has a broad knowledge and experience along with a shared passion for helping our clients stay active and maintain high everyday life quality.

Our treatments
What does it mean that they are personalized?

By personalizing the treatment we don't mean just focusing on your current injury or painful spots. What we mean is that we will focus on you as a whole. Everyone of us has a different health condition, body posture, walking and motion patterns, our work types and preferred ways of spending free time vary a lot from one person to another. All those reason and even more makes us believe that using treatments customized to each end every of our clients is a must for achieving best possible outcomes in shortest possible time.

Our Clinic

We have spend a lot of time to design interior of our clinic so it helps to provide you with sense of relax and comfort. We have done our best so all of the time you´ll spent with us will feel as pleasant as possible.
Nuun clinic is also a part of Ny Ellebjerg Fysioterapi when you can meet wonderful people, specialists, sign up for a weight training or simply have a seat, cup of hot coffee and delicious cookie.

Our view of your active participation

We want you to get well. And we want you to get well fast. We also want you to know what you can do for yourself when we are not around. This is why we encourage you to actively participate in your treatment on two stages. First stage is while we treat you hands-on we will ask you to perform movements, exercise your breath patterns, change a position - all of it in order to achieve best possible response of your organism. Second stage happens while you're at work, home or anywhere else - together with you will come up with convenient and short but efficient routines which you can perform in a free while - this way we can improve your body´s condition in relatively short time.

Our experience

Agata is a therapist who previously owned her own establishment back in Warsaw when she is coming from. She also works with one of the most popular Spa&Wellness in Copenhagen. She loves Deep Tissue Massage and she constantly works on expanding her knowledge as well as improving and developing her skills.
Paulina started to work in different public and private clinics already during her time in college. She has completed multiple internships and lead massage department of the private rehabilitation clinic in the city of Szczecin, Poland. She has also worked and still works in some of the most popular massage clinics and wellness in Copenhagen.


Our therapy goals

Our main goal is you achieving your goals. We want you to let us know what do you want, what do you need, and what you expect of us.On our side we will make sure tol come up with the best possible treatment plan.

Friendly staff?

Yeah, we are just friendly. We will make you feel like at home - or even better



Paulina Wisinska

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Agata Zaremba

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